St-arts Star-ts S-artts Star*ts | Cultures of Sound

Ángela Hoyos Gómez . Amy Chen . Juan Hernández . Inês Rebelo

Bath House Galleries . University of Huddersfield
Residency and exhibition dates: 10 - 24 April 2023


Residency and exhibition devised by Ángela Hoyos Gomez in collaboration with e-textiles researcher Amy Chen, Juan Hernandéz (University of Leeds) and artist Inês Rebelo.

The sound art installation Star*ts part of Cultures of Sound sits at the interface between art and science, presenting two sonic compositions that have been generated from astrochemical data and processes, and that integrate the voices of three female astrophysicists and science communicators: Julieta Fierro, Catherine Walsh and Teresa Paneque.

The compositions investigate the idea of ‘starts’ or beginnings in stellar evolution, following different methodological approaches.

On the one hand, Ángela Hoyos Gómez, music researcher, is collaborating with Amy Chen, researcher in e-textiles and knitted textiles, highlighting the presence of women in astronomy through immersive textiles and processed vocal sounds from their talks on stellar evolution, in her composition Es-Tela Est-Toile Confab; on the other hand, Juan Hernández, music researcher, is collaborating with artist Inês Rebelo, on audible and visible mappings of the helium burning stage in a red giant star - Two Suns, 2023’ - , a stage our Sun will reach. His composition Helium Burning implements techniques of transformation of microsounds such as granulation of sound files, pitch-time changing and cross-synthesis by convolution, to explore the bisociation between nucleosynthesis and sound synthesis.


Star*ts | Cultures of Sound

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